This summer, the White River Museum is featuring a special Wilderness Exhibition to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act of 1964 and our Flattops Wilderness’s vital part to its history with Arthur Carhart’s visit to Trapper’s Lake in the early 1920’s and subsequent recommendations to designate for preservation and protection in its natural condition.

In this exhibit, the Rio Blanco County Historical Society and White River Museum have brought to life Trappers Lake, Hunting, Fishing, Winter in the Wilderness, Outfitters, Trapping, Teddy Roosevelt and the original residents, the Northern Utes…all with new exhibits!

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Sable Mountain Outfitters

Marvine Campground










Photo courtesy of Sable Mountain Outfitters

Everyone welcome to experience the wild beauty and history of the wilderness through photos, artifacts and video!

Trappers Lake 1958

Trappers Lake 1958










Wilderness Day at History Camp  was yet another way of celebrating. With the Wilderness Exhibit in the White River Museum as the backdrop, a large group of attendees learned about the old ways in the high country with Shawn Welder of Welder Outfitting, who shared information on back packing on the trails in the Flat Tops Wilderness and then gave an intriguing demonstration on horseshoeing.


Aaron Grimes followed with the Arthur Carhart story and how the designated wildernesses evolved and then lessons on enjoying the wilderness today. The campers were then invited to share their own wilderness experiences in drawings and written stories.









To see more photos click here: Wilderness Day ~ History Camp

Everyone is welcome to share a wilderness story through writing, drawing, paintings or photography. These will be displayed in the museum Wilderness Exhibit through the first week of September.





















August 23, RBCHS will participate in the “Keep it Wild” Wilderness Celebration on the Courthouse Lawn, in partnership with the Forest Service, BLM, Meeker Chamber of Commerce and other local organizations and outfitters.