White River Museum

The Collections at the White River Museum consists of photographs and artifacts that have been diligently collected, cataloged, displayed and preserved for many years. These collections are housed in two of the original seven officer’s quarters built in 1880, by the U.S. Army, brought here to keep the peace following the Meeker Massacre and the Milk Creek Battle. The collections range from the 1880’s to the 1950’s and have amazed hundreds of visitors who come to our museum each year.

The first building houses most of the pioneer collections with artifacts ranging from agriculture, to early fashion, to home artifacts, to transportation. The second building, call the Garrison, houses the Ute Room with artifacts including Chief Colorow’s peace pipe, the Indian Agency Room, the Officer’s Quarters and the Military Room. All these can be viewed in person at the White River Museum located 565 Park Avenue in Meeker, Colorado, 81641. Admission is FREE. Donations accepted.

Adjacent to the museum buildings is the Old West Heritage Culture Center. Currently, it is used for historic presentations, heritage education programs and community meetings and events. Through grants and donations, the heritage center is being renovated to house a theater and research center.

Currently, Rio Blanco County Historical Society is in the process of digitizing these collections to be viewed online. Until that is completed, we offer a limited number of posts on photos, historical stories and exhibits.