My name is Teddy Roosevelt. I lived a long time ago and was the 26th President of the United States. I lived here in the White House.







Have you heard of me?

You may have also heard that I loved to go hunting. And one of my favorite hunting spots in the whole world was right here in Meeker, Colorado!

One time in 1905 I came again to Meeker to hunt with my favorite hunting guide, John Goff. John had the best hunting dogs around! In the pack that year was a spunky dog named Skip.

Everyday Skip would show off his skills and even though he was a small brown terrier mix, he would take on any mountain lion or bear around!

A man has to be proud of a dog like that and I became very fond of him. But, the best part was – he became very fond of me.

He even wanted to ride my horse like a person and I let him. He loved to sit in my lap at the end of a long day and I have to admit, I liked it too.


One evening I decided to write about my new friend to my son, Kermit, who was back home in the White House. After all, my guide, John, had said if I wanted to take him home I could! And Kermit had sent me a letter that I needed to answer.

“Blessed Kermit,

I was delighted to get your letter. I am sorry you are having such a hard time in mathematics, but hope a couple of weeks will set you all right.

We have had a very successful hunt out here in Colorado. All told we have obtained ten bear and three bobcats. Dr. Lambert has been a perfect trump. He is in the pink of condition, while for the last week I have been a little knocked out by the Cuban fever. Up to that time I was simply in splendid shape.

There is a very cunning little dog named Skip, belonging to John Goff’s pack, who has completely adopted me. I think I shall take him home to Archie. He likes to ride on Dr. Lambert’s horse, or mine, and though he is not as big as Jack, takes eager part in the fight with every bear and bobcat.

I am sure you will enjoy your trip to Deadwood with Seth Bullock. I have now become very homesick for Mother, and shall be glad when the 12th of May comes and I am back in the White House.”

When the hunting trip was over several days later, I did indeed take Skip on my travels back to the White House. I had another dog named Jack, whom I knew would enjoy some company. But, most of all, I was sure my son, Archie, would take to him as much as I.

And so he did! Archie and Skip became fast friends and the entire White House was subject to their enthusiastic romping and playing for several years.








The End