Kenneth Sanderson, the son of Edward and Amy Kenneth Sanderson, was born in Meeker on June 25, 1898. His father was one of the real Pioneers of this valley coming here in 1884 as a business agent for English people wanting to move to America.

Kenneth grew up right here in Meeker and attended our schools. He loved to ride horses and enjoyed being a cowboy in the White River Valley.

At the age of 18 he left home and joined the “C. B. Idwin Wild West Show” in Grand Junction. He would do fancy tricks on his horse and make people happy.











One day he got an invitation to go to Hollywood to be a stunt man in Western movies. This meant he would do the scenes in movies that needed a real cowboy to ride a horse, a cowboy who had lots of experience.

Even though he started as stunt man he soon became a star in the silent westerns for Universal Film Company. It was about this time that he got his movie name – Buddy Roosevelt.











From the famous Western movie Hell’s Hinges in 1916 where Buddy doubled for William Hart to The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance in 1962, his final credited film that starred John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart, Buddy Roosevelt’s career covered the entire history of the classic American western film.












Buddy came back to Meeker in 1968 for a visit, where the entire town honored him in the 4th of July parade. Old timers cheered the hometown boy who had made good in the movies. They were proud of the cowboy from Meeker, Colorado who went to Hollywood!

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Photos of Kenneth Sanderson and his brother Cuppy Sanderson along with a few artifacts from the Sanderson Family are in Room 5 of the White River Museum. The information presented in this story is found in This Is What I Remember, also sold at the White River Museum.