2010 Exhibition Event

Museum on Main Street website notes, “We live between fences. We may hardly notice them, but they are dominant features in our lives and in our history. Thousands of types have been invented, millions of miles have been produced, and countless rivals have seized post, rail, panel, and wire to stake their claims.

In 1871, the Department of Agriculture estimated the total value of fences in the United States at 1.7 billion, a sum almost equal to the national debt. Our past is defined by the cutting point of barbed steel and the staccato rhythm of the white picket. Built of hedge, concrete, wood and metal, the fence skirts our properties and is central to the American landscape.

The United States as we know it could not have been settled and built without fences; they continue to be an integral part of the nation. Fences stand for security: we use them to enclose our houses and neighborhoods. They are decorative structures that are as much part of the landscape as trees and flowers. Industry and agriculture without fences would be difficult to imagine. Private ownership of land would be an abstract concept. But fences are more than functional objects. They are powerful symbols. The way we define ourselves as individuals and as a nation becomes concrete in how we build fences.”

This ‘Between Fences’ display will be housed at the White River Museum from December 10th through February 26th! Lots of local activities are being planned around this exciting event.

One activity is The White River Museum “Between Fences” Photography Contest. This contest is open to photographers of all ages and all levels of experience. Applicants age 16 and under will be classified as Junior/Non-Adult. Subject matter should relate to natural boundary lines, animal barriers, built fences and/or land dividers. Scenes may be from urban or rural settings, domestic or international locations. The image may address the structure as an object, and alternatively might primarily address the social and personal implications of  such barriers.