Our 3rd Annual Pioneer Treasures Appraisal and Sale Fair – Saturday, May 5th, opened the doors at the Fairfield at 8:00 a.m. for an exciting day of appraisals, booths selling antiques and collectibles, exhibits, demonstrations and lots of donated antiques and collectibles on sale to benefit the Rio Blanco County Historical Society book loan debt!

It’s the Meeker’s version of the Antique Road Show…and indeed, we had at least one authentic Antique Road Show Appraiser on site this year! Plus five other qualified appraisers where visitors were able to bring their treasures to be appraised – $5 each or 5 items for $20!




























More Photos

The saddle making demonstration was a big hit and was recorded for our oral history archives. Thanks to Mike Brennan, Ron Hilkey and Bob Klenda for being there for this interview! Also, Bill Mackin participated as one of the cowboys who could speak to the subject.


Georgann Amack displayed her fabulous Doll Collection, which was especially enjoyed by doll enthusiasts! Beautiful!

This photo: Georgann showing Floyd Jones, Chicago Doll Appraiser, research books of her 1960’s Vintage Doll Collection. Katie Conrado, our roving reporter – gathering local stories – looks on.