Main Street between 6th and 5th Street, looking west.














Photo courtesy of Sparky Pappas.

Narrative written by Robert D. Amick (Fourth Generation Meeker/RBC Native)

The Meeker Cafe sign of that era (as show in the above photo) was replaced with a newer sign, which remains in use today. Adjacent to the Drug Store was the Commercial Club, a precursor to the Chamber of Commerce. This building was a popular community gathering spot for dinners and meetings and recreational gatherings with card games and pool tables. Downstairs was a large hall where meals were served.  Kenny and Maude Mitchell later operated a grocery store called M&M in that location.

In the 1950’s, the Meeker Café was operated by B.V. “Bernie” Stephenson. Sides Rexall Drug was formerly Strehlke Drug, located west of the First National Bank at 5th and Main. A painted sign on the second floor outside brick wall of the bank proclaimed “Strehlke’s Drug” but was more recently removed in the remodel of the Bank building. Former high school principal Bill Sides and his wife Bernice purchased the building near the First National Bank at 5th and Main Street in the early 50’s. Later, in the 1950’s, Bill and Bernice bough t the Tagert Hardware Store on the southwest corner of 6th and Main Street, and moved Sides Rexall Drugs to that location. Bright orange Rexall Drug [a national chain of franchised drug stores] sign panels with blue lettering proclaimed the” Sides Rexall Drug” logo. A large soda fountain was moved from the former location at the bank building and was installed at the rear of the store. The soda fountain was a popular lunch and soda spot for teenagers and community members who enjoyed, milk shakes, sundaes, cherry phosphates, flavored ices and other soft drinks. Meeker Drug was previously known as Robertson’s pharmacy was later owned by Doc and Marguerite Taylor who then sold to Guy B. And Thelma Russell as registered pharmacists and later was renamed Meeker Drug. Then, Herb Blagg purchased the store and he and his wife Bertha and their family operated the store. Meeker Drug recently relocated to the old Neal Building. Currently, Mike and Diana Jones (Diana is the granddaughter of Herb Blagg) operate the pharmacy and also a large soda fountain area. The historic Joseph Neal Building located at 6th and Main St., [northwest corner and can be seen on the right] and was the location of the U.S. post office in the 40’s through 1964 when the new post office was built on 6th st. north of the Neal Building.


This site, also had been operated as Fawn Creek Art Gallery by Dee and Tony Weiss until a few years ago. Fawn Creek Gallery then moved to the building at 7th and Main Street.




















The old Meeker Drug location was sold to Jan and Kevin Nye and became “Prescription’s Hair Salon.” The original Robertson’s Pharmacy historic building is eligible for designation as a National Historic place. It was originally constructed with the green and black facade that is still present on the current Prescriptions Hair Salon. The long standing Meeker Drug Sign was removed in June, 2014 when the Hair Salon was started.