Historic Sites

  • Historic Rural Schools, with thirty-seven rural school tours, that are well worth the visit!
  • Milk Creek Battlefield Park: a commemoration of the Utes and U.S. Army soldiers who died in the Milk Creek Battle of 1879.
  • Historic Meeker Downtown Walking Tour: a tour of thirty historic structures that tell the story of Meeker.
  • Centennial Ranches: Ranches in Rio Blanco County that have been in family over 100 years and have 160 or more acres.
  • Powell Park: Point of Interest on Hwy 64, where the Indian Agency stood and the Meeker Massacre took place.
  • White River Valley Overlook: Point of Interest on Hwy 8 telling early history through six kiosks that overlook the beautiful valley.
  • Location of one of the CCC Camps

Directions to Coal Creek School site.