White Rock Rural School

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Initially school was held in a homesteader’s cabin.  The summer of 1915 logs from Saw Mill Mountain were seen going through town and up Strawberry Creek for a new school which became known as White Rock School.  The school was named for the numerous white rocks in the vicinity.  Water was piped from a spring […]

Wilson Creek Rural School

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In 1938 the Wilson Creek oil field was developed.  Following the move of families of Texas Oil Company employees, the need of a school was soon recognized.  The Wilson Creek School was established in 1944.  Mrs. Holland, County Superintendent of Schools, suggested the purchase of a small log building which was used as a school […]

Lower Strawberry Rural School

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The Lower Strawberry School commencing in 1919, met in various homes and even a granary.  In 1921 a new log building 27 ½  by 40 feet was built large enough to hold all community gatherings.  The lower part of the porch was enclosed to keep out rattle snakes and skunks. The school yard was fenced […]

Strawberry and Wilson Creek Tour

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Remoteness and oil field development kept schools open in this area years after most rural districts sent students to attend Meeker schools. Enjoy a scenic drive through Strawberry Creek ranching area combined with a climb to 8,000 feet in elevation and the Wilson Creek oil field camp area presently owned and operated by Chevron. The […]

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