Coal Creek School’s Privy Is Rescued!

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Coal Creek Rural School, the oldest in Rio Blanco County, is in the beginning stages of historic preservation. But, first this summer, the crumbling “out house” or “privy” from the turn of the century that is filled with student’s names carved on the inside walls, was rescued from deterioration.             […]

White Rock Rural School

2013-11-21T14:32:43+00:00November 21st, 2013|

Initially school was held in a homesteader’s cabin.  The summer of 1915 logs from Saw Mill Mountain were seen going through town and up Strawberry Creek for a new school which became known as White Rock School.  The school was named for the numerous white rocks in the vicinity.  Water was piped from a spring […]

Wilson Creek Rural School

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In 1938 the Wilson Creek oil field was developed.  Following the move of families of Texas Oil Company employees, the need of a school was soon recognized.  The Wilson Creek School was established in 1944.  Mrs. Holland, County Superintendent of Schools, suggested the purchase of a small log building which was used as a school […]

Lower Strawberry Rural School

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The Lower Strawberry School commencing in 1919, met in various homes and even a granary.  In 1921 a new log building 27 ½  by 40 feet was built large enough to hold all community gatherings.  The lower part of the porch was enclosed to keep out rattle snakes and skunks. The school yard was fenced […]

Strawberry and Wilson Creek Tour

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Remoteness and oil field development kept schools open in this area years after most rural districts sent students to attend Meeker schools. Enjoy a scenic drive through Strawberry Creek ranching area combined with a climb to 8,000 feet in elevation and the Wilson Creek oil field camp area presently owned and operated by Chevron. The […]

Yellow Creek Rural School – Rangely

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The Yellow Creek School opened in 1906. It can still be seen as of 2013 on the south side of Hwy 64, a little over halfway between Rangely and Meeker. Many dances were held at Yellow Creek School, drawing people from both communities. Couples tell of having to dance closely since it was a small […]

Angora Rural School

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Angora’s school district was organized in the fall of 1904 but first records of the teacher Miss Weaver and her students appear in September 1905 in the White River Review. The school became known as the Angora according to those in the area because of the Lewis family who raised angora goats. In the summer […]

Upper Rangely Rural School

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Records indicate the first Upper Rangely School was held in the 1899-1900 school year. There were new homesteading families each with several children in the surrounding Taylor Draw area. By 1910 the population had outgrown the old log building that was also in poor condition and only had a dirt floor. The new larger building […]

C P Hill Rural School

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When a need for the first school in Rangely was realized, Charles P Hill was instrumental in its organization. As the president of the newly formed school district in March of 1888, he wrote the formal request to the County Superintendent of Schools. Hill placed the ad in eastern newspapers and corresponded with Caroline Blakeslee, […]

Douglas Creek Rural School

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A new school appeared in the Rangely district for the 1925-1926 school year. It was by West Douglas Creek and built to serve the children of the families such as the Steeles and Powells ranching in the area.  Those attending also noted the landmark of the Red Rocks formation nearby. The sturdy log building served […]

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