Lower Strawberry Rural School

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The Lower Strawberry School commencing in 1919, met in various homes and even a granary.  In 1921 a new log building 27 ½  by 40 feet was built large enough to hold all community gatherings.  The lower part of the porch was enclosed to keep out rattle snakes and skunks. The school yard was fenced […]

Yellow Creek Rural School – Rangely

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The Yellow Creek School opened in 1906. It can still be seen as of 2013 on the south side of Hwy 64, a little over halfway between Rangely and Meeker. Many dances were held at Yellow Creek School, drawing people from both communities. Couples tell of having to dance closely since it was a small […]

Angora Rural School

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Angora’s school district was organized in the fall of 1904 but first records of the teacher Miss Weaver and her students appear in September 1905 in the White River Review. The school became known as the Angora according to those in the area because of the Lewis family who raised angora goats. In the summer […]

C P Hill Rural School

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When a need for the first school in Rangely was realized, Charles P Hill was instrumental in its organization. As the president of the newly formed school district in March of 1888, he wrote the formal request to the County Superintendent of Schools. Hill placed the ad in eastern newspapers and corresponded with Caroline Blakeslee, […]

Douglas Creek Rural School

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A new school appeared in the Rangely district for the 1925-1926 school year. It was by West Douglas Creek and built to serve the children of the families such as the Steeles and Powells ranching in the area.  Those attending also noted the landmark of the Red Rocks formation nearby. The sturdy log building served […]

Douglas Creek/Wolf Canyon Rural School

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After being moved to its new location, the Douglas Creek School also became known as the Wolf Canyon School to some in the Rangely area. Improvements were made to the school including a cistern and later a horse shed. The last school session was held in the 1941-42 school year. The building was used as […]

Ridgeway-Banta Rural School

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In 1907 there were at least 10 children of school age between the Banta and Ridgeway families to petition for their own school district. Classes were first held in a room of the Ridgeway home until a school could be built. The log structure was built on the Banta property about half way between the […]

Hefley Lower Rangely Rural School

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For 19 years this log school, built in 1892, served the increasing number of families in the area. The property was originally owned by J. C. Swarts but later acquired by Charles Hefley who had married Swarts daughter, Mary. Those attending from the north side of the White River had adventurous crossings by boat, buggy, […]

Lower Rangely Rural School

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After the school burned in 1911, the community began its efforts to rebuild. By November of that year it was decided to hold classes temporarily in another log building nearby the White River bridge on the Coltharp property. Finally, by the end of May 1913, Clarence Ford had completed the 25’ by 50’ substantial frame […]

Rangely Tour

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Touring the sites of all the Rangely area schools, offers a diversity of terrain. Resources of vast grazing lands, accessible timber, some tillable soil, desired minerals, and most importantly the water, provided opportunities for homesteading which inevitably led to school houses. Beginning at the Rangely Museum, this route heads west then loops back through town […]

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