Yellow Creek Rural School

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The Yellow Creek School opened in 1906. It can still be seen as of 2013 on the south side of Hwy 64 a little over halfway to Rangely from Meeker. Many dances were held at Yellow Creek School drawing people from both communities. Accounts from the events tell of couples having to dance closely since […]

Lower Powell Park Rural School

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The Lower Powell Park School was built in cooperation within the Powell Park district by donation from those in the area it would serve.  It was located near what was once called Deighton Bridge on RBC 127. After 1923 with only 14 years in operation, it was no longer used as a school. In the […]

South Side Rural School

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A log cabin housed the Southside School beginning in 1918. It was one of four schools in the Powell Park area, but the only one on the south side of the White River. School enrollment was small, but it served the children of area farmers and ranches until 1934. This is not a familiar school […]

Powell Park Rural School

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In 1888 several homesteading groups planned their schools, but the Powell Park schoolhouse was the first to be completed and ready by Sept. 1. The school was enlarged in 1892 and later box supper dances were held to raise money for a bell. Once the long awaited bell arrived, it took some ingenuity to raise […]

Powell Park Rural School Tour

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Views along the White River include the valley named after western explorer, John Wesley Powell, and the site where Nathan Meeker’s relocation of the White River Indian Agency ended in tragedy. Homesteaders in this fertile valley were farmers, businessmen, cattle ranchers and ranch hands. People looking for a new start and a place to raise […]

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