Mesa and Flag Creek Loop

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The first school was formed by the people making homes and businesses in the buildings that had been sold and left behind in 1883 by the soldiers of the “Camp of The White River.” This tour starts at the first school site, includes a short distance up the White River, goes across to the Mesa […]

Military Hospital Rural School

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The very first school to be established in Rio Blanco County was actually in Garfield Country. Rio Blanco County was created from Garfield County in 1889. In 1883 after the soldiers left the “Camp on The White River” settlers held school in the Military Hospital building through 1889. This building was a vital part of […]

Mesa Rural School

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The first school on the Mesa was a three month school held on the Zitzman property in 1888.  A location site was later established and in 1889 a log school 20X18 feet was under construction.  At this time the district was still a part of Garfield County.  By the time the schoolhouse was completed in […]

Lime Kiln Rural School

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At over 8,000 feet in elevation Lime Kiln School was the highest rural school in Rio Blanco County.  The name was derived from the limestone quarried and processed in the area. The first school was held in a settler’s cabin in the fall of 1916.  At one time 32 families lived in the Lime Kiln […]

Flag Creek Rural School

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The first school opened in the fall of 1915 in the home on the J.F. Wilson homestead.  That same year a log building was constructed.  The community celebrated its completion New Year’s Eve.  The end of January a fire totally destroyed the new building.  However, by spring another school was constructed and served the community […]

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