Downtown Meeker in 1907

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This photo shows the downtown buildings on Main Street between 5th and 6th Street in 1907. As the years have gone by, businesses have moved from one building to another all around the square and up and down Main Street and Park Ave, but most of the buildings still stand today ready to tell a […]

Downtown Meeker Walking Tour

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Historic Meeker still boasts many of the original buildings from the turn of the century. The Downtown Walking Tour, as shown below marks 30 points of interest that include some of these first buildings. Walking tour guides are sold at the White River Museum, 565 Park Ave, for $3.00.

Main Street 1940’s

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Main Street between 6th and 5th Street, looking west.                           Photo courtesy of Sparky Pappas. Narrative written by Robert D. Amick (Fourth Generation Meeker/RBC Native) The Meeker Cafe sign of that era (as show in the above photo) was replaced with a newer […]

The Meeker Hotel

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One of the oldest and most historical buildings in Meeker, Colorado is the Meeker Hotel and Cafe. The story is told of Susan Wright who came to Meeker in 1883 from South Carolina and was the founder of this fine establishment. Susan Wright was the operator from 1883 until her premature death in 1893. At […]

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