Coal Creek Loop

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This historic loop takes you past the first rural school site and ends near the historic Milk Creek Battlefield. You travel near the White River for a short distance, through valleys and canyons full of hay fields, cattle, sheep and beautiful scenery. The loop is about 47 miles. [NO FACILITIES AVAILABLE] COAL CREEK LOOP Coal […]

Thornburgh Rural School

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The Thornburg School was held in various locations. A cabin nearest to where most of the students were located was often used for a school. The first official Thornburg (which can also be spelled as Thornburgh) school building was constructed by W. A. Thomas in 1916. The school you can view as of 2013, is […]

Upper Coal Creek Rural School

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Residents of the 9 Mile area petitioned for a school as early as 1904. However, contractor W. A. Thomas didn’t receive approval for construction until 1915.Upper Coal Creek finally opened in January 1916. The log structure was 18 feet x 22 feet with a good roof and floor. It was often called the Picture Rock […]

Little Beaver Rural School

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Don’t be surprised if you still hear music coming through the walls of the school, as this building was one of the social centers of the Meeker area. In 2013 the building you see was constructed in 1909. The last school year was 1947-48. For many years after it continued to be used as a […]

Coal Creek Rural School

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Coal Creek School is the oldest rural school, established in 1884. The present building was built in 1892. Its unique and elaborate construction included stone walls and a fancy gabled end with shingles arranged in scalloped and diamond designs. A neat belfry originally adorned the front of the building. The bell now resides at the […]

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