Coal Creek School is closing in on its 127th birthday this fall, so the race is on to get the historic preservation is finished!












Let There Be Light at Coal Creek School

By Janet Clark

Light will again be shining into Coal Creek School. The above picture windows shows the windows at Coal Creek School before they were installed. Each of the windows had to be rebuilt as only two partial original windows were left in the school. Alan Nielsen and Josh DeBerge of MM-Eight Construction worked diligently replicating the original windows. Each window had to be numbered so it fits in a specific opening.

The interior has been restored as closely as possible to its 1892-1948 appearance while making it usable today for special school, community and tourism events. The ceiling and insulation are completed and the walls will soon be plastered to have the appearance of the original walls. Electricity has been installed but is being kept as inconspicuous as possible.

Coal Creek School, is on the National Register of Historic Places, the Colorado Register of Historic Properties, and the Rio Blanco County Preservation Register. Positioning the belfry, Grading and landscaping the property is expected to occur in 2020. 

The Coal Creek School can be used as an educational center showing the historical importance of rural schools in Rio Blanco County. It will also be available for events such as reunions, meetings, weddings, etc. For more information on this project please contact one of the Rural School Project team members.

Janet Clark 878-4628 Marge Rogers 878-4752 Martha Cole 878-5326 Ellen Reichert 878-5678